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A discovery platform that predicts the next wave of music icons.

We use social metrics, listener data and online trends to identify emerging musicians far before they reach stardom.

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How the platform works

Insightful Data

A collection of extensive data points such as SoundCloud, YouTube and Twitter provide users with an understanding of artist popularity and audience engagement.

Predictive Algorithms

Our algorithms analyze the data to generate predictive rankings of artists by their chances of future success.

Comprehensive Editorial

Exclusive content then records, analyzes and interprets shifts in the data and provides a personal understanding of individual artists.

Powerfully Customizable

Users can ultimately compare and evaluate artists through an extensible list of metrics such as genre, location, demographics and total following.

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Meet the Team

Keshav Garg

Co-founder, CEO

Matthew Pavia

Co-founder, CTO

Connor Lawrence

Co-founder, CCO

Benjamin Salah

Software Engineer

Brian Guggenheimer

Software Engineer