Payout Distribution Process Terms

Effective date: October 6th, 2020

These Payout Distribution Process Terms (“Payout Distribution Process Terms”) are incorporated into our Terms of Use by reference and apply to the use of our Services.  Terms not defined in these Payout Distribution Process Terms have the meanings given to them in the Terms of Use or the Offer Glossary.  In the case of any conflict between these Payout Distribution Process Terms and the Terms of Use, the terms of these Payout Distribution Process Terms will prevail.  Indify may update these Payout Distribution Process Terms at any time in Indify’s sole discretion; if we do, we will place a notice on our site located at, send you an email, and/or notify you by some other means.  You agree that all updates will apply to any Offers entered into after the effective date of such updates.

How will amounts we receive with respect to Offers be paid out on the Indify platform?

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in the terms of an Offer or with respect to a particular Asset that is included in an Offer, during the Term of an Offer, cash received by Indify related to that Asset will be distributed as follows (subject to any deductions submitted by the Partner or Team Member and agreed upon by the Artist):

Other payments to Indify for rendering the Services will be set forth in the applicable Offer and will apply as provided in the Offer against the various Team Members as described in the Offer.  For clarity, such payments to Indify (and who pays Indify) may change from Offer to Offer.